Sam Reduces

Earth is the only home we have and it will always be a mission of mine to do everything I can to inhabit this place with as much gentleness and awareness as possible. My mantra is since I know better, I must do better.  

Some ways I’ve weaved environmentalism into my day-to-day life goes as such:

  • Cloth napkins in lieu of paper napkins or paper towels
  • Instead of dish sponges, I use a washable dish rag that lasts for years
  • I rarely buy new clothing items. Over 85% of my wardrobe are from yard sales, thrift shops, craigslist exchanges or hand-me-downs from friends and family
  • I work on carrying a 32oz. Glass jar with me in case I buy a smoothie on the go
  • I have travel utensils for when I’m out and about, particularly when out of town
  • I made my own baby food for my children
  • My children were both mostly cloth diapered
  • I use non-toxic washing detergent, dishwashing liquid, body soap, and house cleaning products
  • I buy mostly Organic food and produce
  • No lotion at home; instead, pure oil, shea or cocoa butter
  • No perfumes, added perfumes, nor bleach exists in my home
  • In lieu of tampons and disposable sanitary napkins, I use a menstrual cup
  • When we consume and acquire new products and items that doesn’t test on animals nor use animal skins and animal parts, by default, we support companies that use less natural resources, energy and money.

Fresh, Whole Produce

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Slow Fashion