Sam Eats Plants

I purposefully live a whole food, vegan lifestyle.  An eating regimen very low in processed sugar, high in uncooked fruits and vegetables, and inclusive of colorful produce.

It is incredibly important to me but I also find it crucial for the general population.

Why do I advocate for a whole plant foods and vegan lifestyle? 

  1.  It is the way of eating that I have found through research that best serves our bodies.
  2. It is the way of eating that unequivocally is the fastest way to reverse environmental damage and global toxicity
  3. It is the foremost way to force the vile behavior and the environmentally disastrous activity of the animal agriculture industry to diminish and ultimately become eradicated.

What exactly does “whole plant food” mean anyway? 

It means eating Real Food. Foods that don’t need to come in packages, boxes or bags.  Foods that don’t need an ingredients list because they ARE the actual ingredient.


Fresh, Whole Produce

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

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