About Sam

Samantha Bailey, Nutritionist and Health Coach

Samantha, New York native, lost health insurance after the death of her mother in 2004.  This began a quest to understand what exactly health means and how does one remain healthy.  Through what started as personal research, she was led down an information wormhole connecting personal health, to the Earth’s health, to the health of one’s behavior and spiritual life, including the egregious and audacious behavior toward disrespecting animal and plant life.

Along with Health and Environmentalism, Samantha is passionate about public speaking, especially with youth in underserved communities. Her philosophy is that there isn’t an overnight solution to Global environmental problems; it’s a multi-factored challenge and in order for a massive upswing to take place, it will take at least one generation and will have to start with children. 

Samantha is also an advocate of mother-centered pre and post natal services: natural childbirth, chemical-free infancy, and creating a toxic-free child-rearing environment. She herself is a mother of two children and currently resides in the NYC area.


Work With Me

  • 1-on 1 nutrition counseling (Skype or In-person)
  • 4-day home visits
  • I specialize in “chronic” disease like diabetes, different types of cancer, glaucoma, kidney disease, migraines, autoimmune issues etc.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Health coaching for general health, pregnancy, and tactics to creating healthy habits in childhood
  • Group Sessions: General or Specific
  • Speaking Engagements – Health, Nutrition, Ecology:
    • Schools
    • Universities
    • Conferences
    • Conventions
    • Health & Wellness Events
  • Retainer fee available
  • Email for more info and pricing! chat@sameatsplants.com

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