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Eat more plants. 

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Samantha, New York native, lost health insurance after the death of her mother in 2004.  This began a quest to understand what exactly health means and how does one remain healthy.  Through what started as personal research, she was led down an information wormhole connecting personal health, to the Earth’s health, to the health of one’s behavior and spiritual life, including the egregious and audacious behavior toward disrespecting animal and plant life.

Whole Foods 

I purposefully live a whole food, vegan lifestyle.  An eating regimen very low in processed sugar, high in uncooked fruits and vegetables, and inclusive of colorful produce. It is incredibly important to me but I also find it crucial for the general population.


I’ve been active my entire life. It evolved from hours of dance and soccer a week throughout childhood, to becoming a gym enthusiast, then using my experience with how moving one’s body improves overall health, it led me to become a personal trainer in order to help others.  


Earth is the only home we have and it will always be a mission of mine to do everything I can to inhabit this place with as much gentleness and awareness as possible. My mantra is since I know better, I must do better.  


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